ONZE:Bus & Lift + Full Rental Package
(Otaru ⇒ ONZE ⇒ Otaru)

■Service Period : 23rd Dec.2023 - 17th Mar.2024

■Service Date : Tue., Thu., Sat. Only.

Children under 6 years old ride free of charge and available for bus seats.

【Tour fare per person】

Adult 15,000JPY Child 10,000JPY

[Adult] 13 years old and over.  [Child] 6 years old - 12 years old.  [Infant] Under 6 years old. *free of charge/ No seat.

■ Minimum number of passengers : 1 person.
■ Without tour conductor.
■ Without Bus conductor.

【Package contents】

***What's included in this package? ***
■Round-trip bus + Lift ticket + Lunch voucher + Ski rental set【Skis,Poles,Boots,Wear】or Snowboard rental set【Board,Boots,Wear】+ Knitted hat・Gloves・Goggles

***Lift Pass***
【About security deposit】
Depending on the ski resorts, you may be required an IC card deposit to receive the lift ticket.
Normally, the deposit will be fully refunded when the IC card is returned, but please note that the deposit may not be refunded if the IC card is damaged or lost.

■Lift Pass…1 Day Lift Pass
■Lift Pass is only available on that day.
■Child…6 years old to 12 years old 
■Please drop by the Reception at the ONZE Center House to receive a lift ticket.
Please be sure to drop by with everyone including your companions.

***Lunch Pass***
■Lunch Pass(1,200yen lunch voucher included)
■Lunch Pass is only available on that day.
■Please recieve the lunch voucher at the Reception at the ONZE Center House.

■The rental set will be fitted at Snow Cluise ONZE. Please come to Rental Shop at ONZE Center House.
■The rental set available only on the day of riding the bus.

Otaru⇒Snow Criuse Onze

*Please check each meeting point in advance from here.

Snow Criuse Onze⇒Otaru

*Please be aware that the meeting point will be outdoors, not in the building.
*Please check the meeting point in advance from here.

*Drop-off point is no particular order.

  • Onze:Bus + Rental Package
    (Otaru ⇒ ONZE ⇒ Otaru)

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  • Onze:Bus + Rental Package
    (Otaru ⇒ ONZE ⇒ Otaru)

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Information & Notes

*This Package will be used only for a day trip.
*It is not able to book the bus use only.
*Please be aware that we won't refund the difference when using the Lunch voucher.
*Reservations can be made online until 18:00 the day before departure date if there are available seats. Please note that you may not be able to make a reservation due to fully booked.
*The bus will not stop at departure/arrival point nobody booked.
*The bus will leave on time even if some passengers with reservations are not at the appointed waiting area.
*Depending on road/weather conditions, a tour might be delayed or cancelled.
*A direct bus service. Please get on after you finish using the toilet etc.
*Bringing dangerous goods into the car is prohibited.
*We don't allow those who are drunk to get on the bus.
*Other notes are located in the【Information & Notes for all the tours】. Please read thoroughly before make a reservation.

【Operation Bus Company】
AIR Co., Ltd.

Travel Classification : Subscription Type Package Tour

Travel Planning & Implementation : Hokkaido Access Network Co.,Ltd.
Hokkaido Governor Registration Tourism Industry No.2-485
Domestic Travel Service Supervisor Naoki Hasegawa

Information & Notes for all the tours * please read this before you make a reservation.

Meeting Time

  • *Please come to the meeting point 10 min prior to your departure and 15 min prior to your departure if you are departing from the airport.
  • *About the meeting time, please make sure to come to the meeting point. The bus won’t wait for passengers who haven’t arrived before the departure time. We treat those passengers as non-participants without any notice.
  • *All courses require a reservation. The bus will not make stops at places where there is no reservation(several areas).
  • *Please check your meeting point before your departure date.

Find the list of all the meeting points

Cancellation Policy

We can accept modification or cancellation by e-mail or telephone and FAX.
In case of by telephone, please call us during our business days and business hours.
Business hours 9:00~18:00(open 365 days)
When we take modification and cancellation by e-mail or FAX off business hours, we regards received date of cancellation.
If you'd like to cancel your reservation of that day, please call us directly.

If you would like to make some change on your booking details such as a tour code and travel date 7 days prior to your departure, please cancel your current booking first then make a new booking. So please check each cancellation fee below.

Please note you are responsible for all bank charges related to the sending of payment.

Day of cancellation From 7 to 2 days prior to travel departure The day before travel departure Your departure date
(Before beginning trip)
After the tour has commenced
Cancellation fee rate 30% 40% 50% 100%

Operation and Terms of Service

In case of bad weather/road conditions etc.

  • *When a flight schedule has been changed or delayed, the bus schedule also might be changed. If you miss your bus due to the delay or cancellation of your flight, you will be checked in for the next available bus or other transport options will be introduced. Please note that we are not responsible for securing other transport for you etc.
  • *When we find it hard to drive you to the airport on time, we might drop you off at the nearest train station or introduce other transport option. Please note that you will cover the extra fee.
  • *Depending on road/weather conditions, a tour might be delayed or cancelled. Other transport options might be introduced but please note that you will cover the extra fee. We are also not responsible if we can’t drive you to the airport on time to catch your flight under inevitable circumstances.


  • *Bus or taxi will be operating, depending on the number of passengers.


  • *Smoking is not allowed on the bus.
  • *Please be seated anywhere you like. However, we might ask you to take a seat on an allocated seat when the bus is full.
  • *Please refrain from talking on the phone on the bus.
  • *Please make sure to fasten your seatbelt.
  • *Please take off your ski or snowboard boots on the bus.
  • *We can keep a set of ski equipment and one luggage in a trunk of the bus per person.
  • *Please note that those who will bring ski and snowboard stuff, please put them in a ski(snowboard) case or bag. If you don’t put them in a ski(snowboard) case or bag, they might cause of broken your stuff or even the others in the trunk during putting on/off the bus or when running the bus.
  • *Please be considerate and try not to disturb others.


  • *Please note that the bus might pass facilities in the tour schedule or visit other facilities instead when closed.
  • *When booking Ski Bus, only a customer who stays in the Departure or Arrival area can reserve these tours.

Travel Contract

  • *We make each travel contract with a traveler by every tour code or service No. Even if the traveler applies for some tours (service No.) at the same time, the contract would not be formed between the time when the first tour has ended and the time when the second tour starts (This applies to service No. as well). Please note that we will compensate damages the traveler has suffered on this contract base (Please read “Standard Form Travel Agent Contract” about compensation etc.).