Choose lunch Sea Urchin Rice Bowl or Assorted Seafood Rice Bowl and taste three kind of alcohol in Shakotan Blue Coast Tour
~Superb view! Let’s go look Shakotan blue at Shimamui Coast and Cape Kamui! Enjoy a Sake・whisky・wine sample tasting~


①Possible to select Sea Urchin Rice Bowl upon the customer’s request at Nagomi no Yado IIDA. The customer would select the lunch whichever the customer deserves on the day.
②Just because of bus tour. Adult bus tour with sample tasting of sake・whisky・wine.
③Can be satisfied with the superb Shakotan Coast that they call Shakotan Blue.


Which do you like Sea Urchin Rice Bowl or Assorted Seafood Rice Bowl? ※Image is for illustration purposes.

Tasting sake at TANAKA SAKE BREWING Co.,LTD Kikkogura brewery. ※Image is for illustration purposes.

Beautiful "Shakotan Blue", Shimamui Coast ※Image is for illustration purposes.

Tasting wine and seeing vineyard. ※Image is for illustration purposes.

【Tour fare per person】

Adult 8,600JPY Child 7,300JPY

[Adult] 12 years old and over.  [Child] 3 years old - 11 years old.  [Infant] Under 3 years old. *free of charge/ No seat.

■ Minimum number of passengers : 1 person.
■ Without tour conductor.
■ With Bus conductor.

Pickable lunch Sea Urchin Rice Bowl or Assorted Seafood Rice Bowl and taste three kind of alcohol in Shakotan Blue Coast Tour

■Service Period : 1st Jul. 2020~29th Aug. 2020

■Service Date : Wed., Fri., Sat. Only.

Included in Tour Fare :Lunch at Shakotan, Tasting at Tanaka Sake Brewery/Nikka Whisky/NIKI Hills Winery, Bus fee, Tax.

  • Choose lunch Sea Urchin Rice Bowl or Assorted Seafood Rice Bowl and taste three kind of alcohol in Shakotan Blue Coast Tour

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  • Choose lunch Sea Urchin Rice Bowl or Assorted Seafood Rice Bowl and taste three kind of alcohol in Shakotan Blue Coast Tour

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Information & Notes

*The lunch at Shakotan “IIDA” will be possibly changed to another location due to various reasons however, the menu and details of lunch will not be changed.
*Sea Urchin Rice Bowl will not be selected and Seafood with Sea Urchin Rice Bowl will be only served in case of a poor catch of Sea Urchin.
*Soft drink will be tasted for the minor at Nikka Whisky Yoichi Distillery and NIKI Hills Winery.
*Due to bad weather that the prohibition on women entering gate may be closed and the promenade will be blocked at Cape Kamui.
*Drop-off is no particular order.

【Operating Bus Company】
HOKUTO KOTSU Inc. or equivalent company. (※)
(※)Please check the equivalent company from the following Operating Bus Company List.

*The Operating Bus Company will be determined the day before use. We will inform you by e-mail from "" (Send-only address) to your e-mail address you registered when making a reservation. If you set are Domain specification reception, Bulk mail refusal and Receive e-mail specification, please change the setting that you can receive e-mail from "" .

Travel Classification : Subscription Type Package Tour

Travel Planning & Implementation : Hokkaido Access Network Co.,Ltd.
Hokkaido Governor Registration Tourism Industry No.2-485
Domestic Travel Service Supervisor Shohei Oyama

Bus company list is here >>

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Meeting Time

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Day of cancellation From 7 to 2 days prior to travel departure The day before travel departure The departure date
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Operation and Terms of Service

In case of bad weather/road conditions etc.

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