【Notice of Operation Cancellation】1 DAY Tour to Fully Enjoy Biei & Furano
~Renewing a popular course in a photogenic tour! Possible to stop by 10 popular tourist spots!~


①Specialized to tourist spot tours at Biei・Furano! Greedy tour that both first timer and repeater enjoy.
②Possible to purchase popular Shirogane Biruke hamburger optionally. Try taste the filling hamburger that use Furano ingredients freely.
③Furano Cheese Factory milk ice cream gift with various flavors.


Shikisai-no-oka, where you can see a flower garden like a painting. ※Image is for illustration purposes.

Lavender garden at Farm Tomita, you can take beautiful pictures no matter where you point the camera. ※Image is for illustration purposes.

A variety of handmade goods are sold at Ningle Terrace. ※Image is for illustration purposes.

It looks delicious! Let's book 【With Hamburger Option】! ※Image is for illustration purposes.

【Tour fare per person】


■ Minimum number of passengers : 1 person.
■ Without tour conductor.
■ With Bus conductor.

【Operation Suspended】1 DAY Tour to Fully Enjoy Biei & Furano

■Service Date :

The service was scheduled to operate from 28th Jun. 2020~23rd Aug. 2020,
However we have decided to operation suspended for regarding all period.

Information & Notes

Travel Classification : Subscription Type Package Tour

Travel Planning & Implementation : Hokkaido Access Network Co.,Ltd.
Hokkaido Governor Registration Tourism Industry No.2-485
Domestic Travel Service Supervisor Shohei Oyama

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