Noboribetsu・Lake Toya⇒Yunokawa・Hakodate⇒Hakodate Morning Fair Free Short Course

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Hakodate Morning Fair

This tour combines 2 plans:①Sightseeing around the south of Hokkaido and reaching Hakodate city and Yunokawa ②Visiting the Morning Fair for fresh seafood and reaching Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station.
You will actually get the better deal, 500 yen cheaper than joining these tours separately.

2 course package fee

[Adult] 12 years old and over
[Child] 3 years old and over, under 12 years old
[Infant] Under 3 years old *free of charge/ No seat

First course:Noboribetsu・Lake Toya ⇒ Yunokawa・Hakodate Trip

■Departure Point:Noboribetsu・Lake Toya
■Service Period:2nd May.2016~24th Sep.2016
■Service Date:Only Mon.,Wed.,Sat.
■Minimum number of passengers : 1 person With Bus Conductor

※The fee doesn't include the entrance fee for any facilities and meals.

Second course:Hakodate Morning Fair Free Short Course

■Departure Point:Hakodate
■Service Period:3rd May.2016~25 th Sep.2016
■Service Date:The bus runs everyday.
■Minimum number of passengers : 1 person Without Bus Conductor

※Please enjoy seeing the morning fair on your own.
※The course above may be canceled or modified due to bad weather, etc.

Operating company: HOKUTO Kotsu

Meeting Time

Please come to the meeting point 10 min prior to your departure and 15 min prior to your departure if you are departing from the airport.

*All courses require a reservation. The bus will not make stops at places where there is no reservation (several areas).

Cancellation Fee Rate

※If you would like to make some change on your booking details such as a tour code and travel date 7 days prior to your departure, please cancel your current booking first then make a new booking. So please check each cancellation fee below.

Day of cancellation From 7 to 2 days prior to travel departure The day before travel departure Your departure date
(Before beginning trip)
After the tour has commenced
Cancellation fee rate 30% 40% 50% 100%

* Depending on road/weather conditions, a tour might be delayed or cancelled. Please note that no refunds are given in such cases.

* When other transport options are offered under unexpected circumstances, you will cover the extra fees.

* Smoking is not allowed in the bus.

* Please take off your ski or snowboard boots in the bus.

* Please make sure to fasten the seatbelt.

* Please note that the bus might pass rest facilities when closed.

* We can keep a set of ski equipment and one luggage in a trunk of the bus per person.

* We make each travel contract with a traveler by every tour code or service No. Even if the traveler applies for some tours (service No.) at the same time, the contract would not be formed between the time when the first tour has ended and the time when the second tour starts (This applies to service No. as well). Please note that we will compensate damages the traveler has suffered on this contract base (Please read “Standard Form Travel Agent Contract” about compensation etc.).